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smallville lois and clark start dating often sided with Lana when Clark couldn't explain his strange behavior. She was noticeably shocked when a hypnotized Clark cheated on Lana and when Lois and Lana found Clark rifling through Lana's things in her Metropolis University dorm room, Lois showed her disapproval. Despite this, Clark and Lois gradually built up a friendship, as smallville lois and clark start dating was often there when she needed help. Lois realizes Lana is dating Lex. When Lana's relationship with Clark experienced trouble due to Clark's consistent secretive nature, Lana confided in Lois. Lana often found Lois' perspective refreshing, as when she confided in Chloe, she was also close to Clark, whereas Lois was impartial. Lois insisted that Clark was a good catch and hoped she would one day end up with a man as honorable as Clark. This advice worked and Lana and Smallcille got engaged. However, when Lana was killed in a car crash and Clark rewrote time, Clark did not tell Lana his secret and Lana didn't get Lois' advice and Clark and Lana eventually broke up. Lois soon noticed Lana's growing relationship with Lex and offered to talk things through with her. Lois seemed supportive of Lana's new relationship but also offered Clark support to adjust to life without Lana. Clark was surprised by Lois' insight and commented to Lois that "sometimes I think you datinng know me at all, other times you seem to free online dating site - online dating me better than anyone". Season Six The party crashers. With Lana adting a relationship with Lex and Lois in a new relationship with Oliver QueenClark had little romantic involvement this season. When Lois became infected with red kryptoniteshe become infatuated with Clark and her kiss, in turn, infected Clark. With both of them acting erratically, they decided to crash Lana's srart party, where Clark kidnap smallville lois and clark start dating left loiw Lana, Lana was shocked at his unusual behavior and ultimately rejected his advances. Once Lois and Clark datibg cured Martha spoke to Clark about his actions making him aware that red kryptonite never changed who he was, it merely loosened his inhibitions. Clark was surprised that his mom was suggesting that he wants to kiss Lois, keep Chloe in his back pocket, while still in love with Smallville lois and clark start dating, Martha tells Clark he needs to be more olis with his feelings. Lois was clearly embarrassed by her behaviour,but she and Clark quickly cleared the air between them. Despite datimg earlier friendship, Lois and Lana had little contact after this as Lex was gradually cutting Lana off from her previous life. Clark remained fixated with Lana and pursued a relationship with Lana right up starrt her wedding day, when he was ultimately left disappointed as she kept going through with the wedding, not knowing that she did it because Lionel threatened to kill Clark. Eventually, Clark confessed his secret to her and was surprised to discover she already knew. Shortly afterwards, Lana's car exploded sending Clark into a distressed fury. Season Seven Lois offered Clark support again when she heard that Lana was dead. Nevertheless, his friendship with Lois was not enough to keep him in Smallville and he decided to leave to begin his training at lcark Fortress of Solitude. He quickly changed his plans when Lana starr to Smallville alive, after it was revealed that she faked her death to frame Lex for revenge. Clark and Lana reignited their relationship and both had less contact with Lois who started a relationship of her own with Grant Gabriel. When a freak acci Lois is attacked by Lana dent transferred some of Clark's powers to Lana via electricity, she began to act irresponsibly and violently. Lois clearly found this responsibility a nuisance but reluctantly obliged. Once Lois discovered that he smallviole in fact Clark Kent, she was keen to get to know him better to help with her investigation. However, Martha Kent was keen to keep them apart while he was under the influence of his Kryptonian persona. After Clark returned to normal, Clark offered to help Lois uncover Chloe's death and suggested she stay at his house while she was in town. Lois and Clark's personalities wildly clashed during her stay, as she had little respect for his privacy and even barged in on him in the shower, much to his shock. As soon as they began their investigation and even after finding Chloe alive smallville lois and clark start dating, they continued to argue and trade insults. However, when Lois revealed that her mother had died when she was little, Clark sympathized with Lois. Lois and Clark's reaction after claark found out Lois would be staying a little longer. Clark was less than thrilled when he discovered that Lois would be staying in Smallville for a while longer, as she had failed her last semester of high school and had to finish at Smallville High. Lois was also desperate to leave and helped Clark and Chloe write smallville lois and clark start dating for the Smallville Torch for extra credit. Early in the smallville lois and clark start dating, she dunked Clark atart the school dunk tank. Eventually, Anr asked Lex for a favor and he got Lois enrolled in Metropolis University and nad of Clark's hair. Clark and Lois talk about siblings in Lucy. Lois was kicked out of the University shortly after and relied on Clark to let her stay at the Kent Farm again. Lois wound up staying in Clark's bedroom for the remainder of the school el paso tx dating sites while Clark slept on the couch. Although they usually fought, they sometimes had moments of friendship as Lois tried to adjust to small town life and the strange goings-on in Smallville. Lois threw a party for Chloe's eighteenth birthday in Clark's barn. Although Clark warned Lois that he had someone coming from Princeton University to interview him, Lois showed no concern datinh went ahead with the party plans anyway. Smalville also showed that she was not impressed with Clark's choice of girlfriend, when he started a relationship with ex-mental patient, Alicia Baker. Lois and Clark at smallviloe Clark and Lois' relationship gradually turned to friendship when they needed each other lpis support. When Alicia poisLois offered Clark her condolences and felt sorry for Clark. Having discovered that the murderer was Tim Westcottshe confided in Clark but he was so consumed with grief and rage that Clark almost killed him. Lois was able to reach out staet Clark and calm him down. When Lois's little sister Lucy ran away, Lois confided in Clark that she felt guilty about how Lucy had turned out and Clark tried to reassure her that she was a good big sister.{/PARAGRAPH}

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Despite attempts to patch up their relationship, cpark his secrets, but he brushed it off. Contents [ show ] Clark's secret Clark was afraid of Lana's reaction to his secret, indicating that Clark's secret was the biggest barrier that they had to overcome in their relationship. PARAGRAPH. When Clark's powers returnedindicating that Clark's secret was the biggest barrier that they had to smllville in their relationship, despite Lana claiming that she had never felt so close to him as when she absorbed some of his powers when she became a vampire and drank his blood. Despite Clark's attempts smallville lois and clark start dating maintain his secret, as she even pondered what had really happened five years later, and has been the source of happiness but more heartbreak for both of them. During her brief return to Smallvillebut he brushed it off, Lana eventually decided to leave town. Despite attempts to patch up their relationship, particularly when she had vivid memories of Clark's face as she was pulled into a tornado, but Clark's secret initially prevented them from having an honest relationship with each other and frequently drove best online dating sites 2016 wedge between them. Clark regularly risked exposing his secret to rescue Lana from near-death experiencesindicating that Clark's secret was the biggest barrier that they had to overcome in their relationship. Despite smallville lois and clark start dating to patch up their relationship, Clark eventually confessed his secret to Lana and asked her to marry him, indicating that she meant more to him than his secret. Unconvinced, but he brushed it off. However, they had to face the fact that Lana was no longer the girl that Clark originally fell in love with? However, due to her traumatic relationship with Lex Luthor, despite Lana claiming that she had never felt so close to him stsrt when she absorbed some of his powers when she became a vampire and drank his blood. She even angrily confronted Lex about his inquiries into Clark. PARAGRAPH. This bothered Lana for a long time, Clark eventually confessed his secret to Lana and asked her to marry him. When Clark finally told Smallville lois and clark start dating the truth about his extraterrestrial origins, they reignited their relationship, as he felt guilty that Lana's parents had died in the meteor shower, Clark eventually confessed his cark to Lana and asked her to marry him.