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To them Matchmaking nigeria owe this particular article. The problem we face in the world today is the challenge of commitment. Those who claim to know God needs to be known for their commitment-to marriage, to family, to community, to work and above all to God himself. But we would rather be comfortable making vows of convenience rather than commitment.

Let me ask my religious critics how many of their worship matchmaking nigeria have a resort centre that a woman who matchmaking nigeria being battered by her husband can go to when she leaves her home, before she is killed, even if it is temporary. While you have big church buildings fill the land, you may not find a Rehabilitation center owned by any of these churches where at least the case of drug, alcohol and sex abuse can be treated.

But of course every church without exaggerating has a dream of owning a University where the youths of do u want me dating site land can attend paying outrageous bills as school fees. While my father attended St. So I know what I am talking about. Even children from Muslim homes were not left out from this opportunity and that was how so many of them then, got converted into becoming Christians, because they saw the level of commitment the missionaries put into what they preached.

How can these religious leaders expect commitment of their members to their marriages, when they seem to be after convenience in ministry themselves. Nobody significant seems to be questioning that though, even if Jesus clearly stated that you should not call anyone else Father, except your heavenly Father who is in Heaven. Thank God January, the time of First fruit offering has come and gone.

Lets see if centers will be built where cases of crisis pregnancy [because as long as we live in a world of matchmaking nigeria people matchmaking nigeria still get pregnant outside of wedlock, and in case you pretend not to know, a lot of our sisters in the Church are committing abortion regularly now], drug, alcohol and sex rehabilitation centers, and other matchmaking nigeria centers that aid ministry will be built from the proceeds of the so called first fruit offering.

You dare tell people not to get divorce, if need be? How dare you, when nothing much has been done in stopping it. May the lord forgive us for our Ministries of Convenience in the church. At this point, I will respectfully like to answer some of my critics. Leave Scriptural facts and face your secular enrichment.

It mostly speaks about women suffering in the hands of the men. Sir have you not seen cases where husbands run away from their homes because of frustrations, matchmaking nigeria and troubles matchmaking nigeria their wives? Sir there is two sides to a coin. I agree with you sir, I know that there are wives who beat up their weak husbands to say the least. I also know that there are wives who try to poison their husbands, who deny their husbands matchmaking nigeria sex, and even hear that some husbands have to pay their wives before they can have sex with them etc, but bear with me until we get to an article on that.

You can only encourage youths to desist from immorality and matchmaking nigeria the face of God before picking partners. Be it Matchmaking nigeria, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, etc. In this article, I explore possible means through which any man or woman can adopt to find a life-partner in Nigeria in the barest minimum time-frame — as little as seven days which are as follows: Talk to the Pastor or any elder in your matchmaking nigeria church with whom you have a close relationship with whom your privacy is guaranteed, express your heart-felt desire in meeting a suitable dating a man with cats for a marriage relationship.

Here, you should not be biased about the health status of the people you meet. If you are HIV positive, you need be careful about disclosing your status to just anyone you meet newly. At this point you may consider confiding your genuine interest in finding a life-partner in any family member who has fore-knowledge of your health-status. You can look out for online dating websites dedicated to HIV positive people online with reliable track records of matching people with your kind of situation in your city or country.

The watch-word here is absolute privacy. They will do everything possible to protect your privacy and identity in the process of helping you find a life-partner. It can be daunting but this is their job. Dating indian sites free not panic for anything because they are experienced in such service. Find a match-making consultant to speak with regularly at the instance of meeting new persons on the subject of marriage, so they can guide you through the relationship till your wedding day.

Pick up Christian books on the subject of marriage to prepare yourself towards a successful Christian relationship ahead of your wedding and marriage life. A Pastor, other clergymen or trained marriage counselors in your local church can equally play this guidance role to help you succeed in this journey. Absolute secrecy is not advisable here as marriage is a life long journey.

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