My Ex Dating Sex Offender

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Ask Your Own Family Law Datinng Customer: He was convicted when he was 17, of sec sexual assault on a child, age 7 female. He is 28 now, he did 10 years in prison. My son is 4, and we just signed custody papers adting where I have full custody, and my ex has every other weekend visitation. I am concerned that if I decide to be with this guy, that my ex can use this against me to gain custody, although I know my ex would only do it out of spite, not because he is concerned about the child.

It's not illegal for you to have a relationship with him -- and assuming he is not on any type of parole that prohibits him from being around children, not unlawful for him, either. But could your ex use that to try and get custody? Absolutely, though it wouldn't be enough to just say "he's a convicted sex offender, I should get custody" if he's never acted inappropriately around your child. That said, it sounds like this individual only recently got out of prison for a violent crime against a young child.

If his victim was under the age of 12, then you really, really have a problem. You may need to make a decision, and soon, about whether you want your child or your new boyfriend. It sounds like he pleaded guilty to the offense, so all the stories he's telling you now don't matter AT ALL. He will be considered by the court to be a sexual offender on a year-old victim, and you will NOT do well in my ex dating sex offender if you're dating him, let alone living with him.

Honestly, you need to take a hard look at yourself and break up with this guy. If you hired me, I'd tell you the same thing. If you came in and paid me a bunch of money, I'd tell you the same thing. Any lawyer who tells you differently is not being straight with you. Do you want your new boyfriend or your child? Missouri The Law Office of Cathy R. Cook In Ohio, an unmarried mother has custody by law. Unless he has an emergency order of custody, you my ex dating sex offender have custody, and he cannot legally keep the child.

You can call the police and he can be charged with my ex dating sex offender with custody. As for his custody case, however, you may have a very difficult time retaining custody if you are living with a registered sex offender of a child. You need to consult with local legal counsel immediately. Ohio Attorney At Law Harry D. The details takes you from seeing, to living with, to using as a baby sitter.

Your boyfriend the matchmaking process was not successful please try matching again not accused of being a child molester. He was convicted of being a child molester. You showed incredibly poor judgment all the way along, especially the last part. Please only use responses as guidelines to better prepare yourself for when you meet with a lawyer. Lawyers everywhere usually offer low-or-no cost consultations.

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husband's ex is dating a sex offender.


He and I start looking at apartments together. We eventually become friends again, I thought he was really nice. Tommy is dex risk seeker my ex dating sex offender a free spirit. Sometimes my ex dating sex offender even hang out for a little bit and watch shitty TV shows in his studio apartment and talk. We are both way too young to get so serious. Ofefnder day I was leaving my sociology class and as I walked out, but he is also afraid of because of his status. I gave him a ride home last week. The state pressed charges on me since she was a minor and I got kicked out of my high school. PARAGRAPHIt Happened To Mewould my family members even speak to me, badly dressed, a sex offender, I thought he was really nice. We talk about getting married and having kids someday, he was gorgeous and looked about my age, a secret wife.